After my first (and believe me, surprising) sales of two cookstoves, I asked Widi to sign me up in the Wonder Women program. Not long after, Widi came to my house carrying a couple of books and papers. He explained to me that if I were to join the program, I should receive some training about all the technology available and how to manage the sales. As I am naturally curious, I couldn’t wait to see what other wonders these technologies could do.

learning technologies

Widi then took out several other technologies and  demonstrated their use and benefits one-by-one. It was as I had expected. These other technologies presented the same kinds of benefits as the cookstove; saving a lot of energy, time and costs. Of course after hearing the explanation, I bought some solar lights and a water filter for my own personal use. The water filter really saves my time and energy, now I don’t have to boil water, I just have to put water into the filter, and it’s ready to drink! I bought some small solar lights because the electricity in my village isn’t that all reliable, and I can save the cost of electricity bill.

Widi showed me how to do simple bookkeeping, to track sales and the repayment money. This was the most important part, as now I can ensure I have the record of who has paid and who hasn’t. He also explained how to fill in the sales receipts, so both the buyer and myself have the same proof of payment.

learning bookkeeping

I thought the training would be very difficult, but it turned out to be very practical and easy to follow. I was packed full of new information, but still very happy because I had learned so many new things. Actually, I am looking forward to more training from Widi!