Completing my journey as a Wonder Woman

In July this year, Kopernik officially wrapped up the Wonder Women program in my area, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The program finally reached its end because here, access to clean water and electricity has significantly improved since Kopernik first launched the program. This means that our collective effort – from NGOs, government, to key community leaders – have shown tremendous results. Earlier this year, West Nusa Tenggara reportedly achieved its electrification ratio target at 78% and the number accessible clean water and sanitation facilities reached 80% coverage of the total area earlier this year.

With the program reaching its end, I am also completing my journey as a Wonder Woman. I am proud to complete this journey with Kopernik. Not only can I now support my family by earning extra income, but I also help my community by making clean energy technology available for them and fostering the importance of consuming safe drinking water to live a healthier life. I have distributed 175 technologies over the past three years, including 106 Nazava water filters. This also means that I have reached 945 people with the technologies. I am pleasantly surprised by the numbers!


My first time demonstrating the Nazava Water Filter.

I still remember the first time I introduced Nazava Water Filters to the people in my village. They were quite bewildered to see how the products work and did not believe that these products can purify raw water into safe drinking water. It was not easy to convince them, however, after I used the filter for several days, they became interested and started asking questions about the product. From there, I believed that with enough evidence, people are willing to adapt and learn something new. I started to promote the products to the village heads, local health facilities, schools, and many more. And now, already at the end of the journey, I can say that convincing people is not a challenge anymore.


Through the program, I received training and mentoring. The very first training was of course about clean energy technologies – the benefits of, how to use it, and how to maintain it. In addition, we received technical trainings such as bookkeeping, how to manage money, public speaking, and marketing, were really useful in day-to-day selling of the technologies. Beyond these, I really found the ‘self-actualization’ sessions inspiring. The facilitators asked me to map out my dreams and how I can achieve them, including listing down any challenges and obstacles so that I can improve myself even further. I never felt so real towards realizing my dream.


A training conducted by the Wonder Women team.

I also gained unforgettable experiences while joining the program. Who would have thought that my hard work and persistence in introducing the technologies could bring me to Jakarta. I was chosen by the program team as a representative of the Wonder Women, together with Mama Mia, a Wonder Woman from Larantuka. We had to speak at a press conference, answering questions from the press. The spectators were from the private sector, government, and the media. It was overwhelmingly busy but I enjoyed it so much, and was glad that a lot of people recognized my work and were interested in what I have been doing. The event boosted my confidence and allowed me to enhance my public speaking skills.


With Mama Mia in Jakarta explaining the technologies to press and media.


Personally, I have been enjoying my activities as a Wonder Woman, so it is definitely something that I will miss. Going to villages, explaining the technologies, doing the ‘tech fair’ and meeting new people were just some of the activities that I will always remember. But I will remain active in local health facilities, promoting hygiene and healthy lifestyles as a crucial part of people’s lives whilst maintaining close relationships with my fellow Wonder Women, with whom I have grown closer over the years.

In the closing event of the program, I had the honor to make a closing remark on behalf of all the Wonder Women in Lombok. I highlighted some important things that we received during the program – the benefit for ourselves, for our family, and for the community. In this farewell note, I want to deliver a message of friendship-although Kopernik may not physically be in Lombok, it will always remain in our hearts.


Me and other Wonder Women in Lombok.


Thank you, thank you very much and farewell.