Welcoming a new family member


Kopernik team visit to my house.


This year has been a special year for me as we welcomed a new member to our family. After ten years since our fourth child was born, I gave birth to Justin at the end of May. I feel so blessed to have him in our family. Taking care of a newborn has definitely taken a lot of my time and energy. However, I received tremendous support from my husband both in completing household chores and caring for Justin.

At first, I was worried about my Wonder Women activity since my mobility is limited while taking care of Justin. But the Kopernik team has been very helpful in assisting me. The team encouraged me, and helped me explore ways to balance between my Wonder Women activities and my family. They also visited me regularly to make sure that I am well, both physically and mentally. My neighbors and family have also provided me with a great deal of support. It has been encouraging to receive this level of support from my surroundings.

So now, even though I am busy, I still manage to distribute technologies. How? I have been reaching new customers through my existing networks. I asked them to bring the solar lights as sample products, so whenever they meet someone new, they can introduce the technology and provide my contact in case someone is interested in buying them. Having a mobile phone has helped me significantly in this effort. Many of my customers have been able to place their orders through phone calls and texts, and I then arrange delivery. My husband delivers the customers’ orders, or they come by my house to pick them up.

It has been going smoothly for now, but honestly, I cannot wait to get back on the road and make visits to the villages again!