Ibu Dasri

Montong Gading village, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Meet Ibu Dasri, an energetic 45 year-old teacher and mother of three. She lives in a remote part of East Lombok, where clean and safe drinking water is short in supply and where the electricity is unreliable.

She is a teacher at the Early Childhood Education & Development Center (PAUD). Teaching children has always been her life’s passion. In addition to teaching, she is actively involved in the Family Welfare Movement group (PKK), Community Healthcare Post (Posyandu) and Yayasan Masyarakat Peduli (YMP), Kopernik’s local partner in Lombok. Ibu Dasri was introduced to Kopernik by YMP in mid-2015 and soon after that she joined the Wonder Women program.

Everyone knows her as the 'Ibu Inspirasi' or 'Wonder Woman' of East Lombok. She dreams of having her own house without having to be financially dependent on her husband, who left for Malaysia to earn a better income in order to pay for his children's education. Ibu Dasri is one of Kopernik’s most promising Wonder Women.

Her life, her struggles, and her ways of approaching and engaging with the community is a story worth being told. Join us on her inspiring journey.

Day 2




Ibu Dasri is an enthusiastic 45-year old wife and mother of three. As a teacher at the Early Childhood Education and Development Centre (PAUD), she is on a mission to ensure all children in her village have access to proper education. She also strives to give the people in her village access to clean energy technologies. Over the past year, Kopernik have seen how Ibu Dasri’s influence has spread from her neighbours and friends, to the whole community.

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Day 5

From a Sanitarian to a Wonder Woman

Ibu Dasri and Nazava

In East Lombok where I live, knowledge of good hygiene and sanitation is very minimal, nearing nothing at all. A lot of people do not have a toilet in their house and open defecation still happens in many areas. Additionally, many people still drink and cook with unclean water from various water sources. Health is my biggest concern for the community and health problems in this area mainly result from poor hygiene practices.
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Day 184

The Wonder Woman Song

“My work as a kindergarten teacher has pushed me to be creative. In the class, I have to keep things fun and dynamic for the students. I teach through singing and dancing, and I realised it’s a great way to get everybody in a good mood. So, I decided to make a song for the Wonder Women – to keep them motivated and happy while doing the Wonder Women work!”

Day 232

Completing my journey as a Wonder Woman

In July this year, Kopernik officially wrapped up the Wonder Women program in my area, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The program finally reached its end because here, access to clean water and electricity has significantly improved since Kopernik first launched the program. This means that our collective effort – from NGOs, government, to key community leaders – have shown tremendous results. Earlier this year, West Nusa Tenggara reportedly achieved its electrification ratio target at 78% and the number accessible clean water and sanitation facilities reached 80% coverage of the total area earlier this year.

With the program reaching its end, I am also completing my journey as a Wonder Woman. I am proud to complete this journey with Kopernik. Not only can I now support my family by earning extra income, but I also help my community by making clean energy technology available for them and fostering the importance of consuming safe drinking water to live a healthier life. I have distributed 175 technologies over the past three years, including 106 Nazava water filters. This also means that I have reached 945 people with the technologies. I am pleasantly surprised by the numbers!

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