Mama Emi

Bena Village, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

A mother of two, a weaver, a local travel guide, and Kopernik’s Wonder Woman. The list goes on for Emiliana Kopa who is better known as Mama Emi. This ‘can-do-all’ woman lives in the traditional village of Bena, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara in a humble house with no electricity together with her husband and son.

Mama Emi joined Kopernik’s Wonder Women program in June 2015. Since then she has been selling solar lights, water filters, and clean cookstoves. Mama Emi, working as a team together with her husband Om Yosef, is selling these technologies to some of the most remote parts of West Flores – making her one of Kopernik’s top-performing Wonder Women.

Mama Emi wants to sell many more technologies and reach even more areas across Flores.

"A motorbike would be a great investment. With it we could deliver even more technologies and become more productive."

Join us on this journey of Mama Emi and her family.

Day 1

How it all started

Mama Emi sewing

It started out just like any other day: I opened the small shop in my house and spent the afternoon weaving traditional Flores ikat. My house is located on the main road of Bena Traditional Village. People who are passing through or visiting the ancient village often stop to buy snacks, drinks, or even ikat from my shop.

Little did I know, that sunny day in June turned out to be the start of a new venture.
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Day 20


After my first (and believe me, surprising) sales of two cookstoves, I asked Widi to sign me up in the Wonder Women program. Not long after, Widi came to my house carrying a couple of books and papers. He explained to me that if I were to join the program, I should receive some training about all the technology available and how to manage the sales. As I am naturally curious, I couldn’t wait to see what other wonders these technologies could do.

learning technologies
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Day 94


"Sometimes it's hard for me to keep track of all sales, installments, and payments. So, I always record all of Kopernik's technology sales history in this book - that way not a single Rupiah will go missing." - Mama Emi

Day 121

Mama Emi_Tech Fair

"A Technology fair or 'Tech Fair' is a showcase event to introduce the technologies to community members. During the tech fair, people are able to test and try out the products themselves and choose which ones they want. It's a great way to sell the technologies! I managed to make a lot of sales tonight, as the solar lights shone brightly and attracted a lot of people."

Day 205

A complete house of our own!

It was an ordinary working day back in 2014, when my husband and I had been working in the field until evening time. We were exhausted after a long day of work so were keen to head straight home afterwards. As we walked down to our house, we could see the sky turning grey and smoke filling up the air. We wondered what was causing this, but could not figure it out. But as we arrived home, we could not believe what we saw: our house was on fire!
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Day 324

Welcoming a new family member


Kopernik team visit to my house.


This year has been a special year for me as we welcomed a new member to our family. After ten years since our fourth child was born, I gave birth to Justin at the end of May. I feel so blessed to have him in our family. Taking care of a newborn has definitely taken a lot of my time and energy. However, I received tremendous support from my husband both in completing household chores and caring for Justin.

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